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Hack Your Exif Data from the Command Line: Five Fun Uses for Exiftool

It happens every time you press the shutter.  Tiny circuits spring into action and furiously record the information from every sensor pixel onto your memory card.  But pixel information is not all that is recorded.  With every shutter press, your camera records dozens of interesting details about how the photo was taken.  These details are […]

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Use a Cheap Stylus Pen For Brush-on Photo Editing on the Go

Graphics tablets, such as these Wacom models,  are becoming more and more popular for photo editing. Brush on photo effects are much easier to apply using a natural drawing motion rather than sliding a mouse or moving a finger across a trackpad.  Unfortunately, you may not always want to lug your Wacom tablet with you.  Here […]

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Beyond Megapixels: The Quest for A Better Cellphone Camera Comparison Standard

It all started on June 11, 1997.  On that day, a man named Phillipe Kahn snapped the photo below of his newborn baby daughter in the maternity ward.  That event (and the photo) might have been quite unremarkable except that the photo was taken on Phillipe’s cell phone.  Within moments he sent that photo to […]

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Why Lincoln’s Mole Was on the Wrong Side in the Original Five Dollar Bill Photo

There is something familiar about the photo to the left.  Obviously the photo is of Abraham Lincoln, but if you look closely, you will swear you have seen it somewhere before. In fact, you are likely to have a limited edition print of this photo somewhere in your house right now.  Maybe even in your […]

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Scientists Confirm: You Look Better on Video Than in a Photograph

For those of you who think you never look great in photos, there is bad news and good news.  The bad news is that you’re probably right. You don’t look great in photos. The good news is that you probably look much better in real life – when you are your normal animated self.  Research […]


May 5, 2012 – A Good Evening for Moon Photography

Even if you are not a hard core astronomy fanatic, this week may be a good week to gaze up at the night sky. On the evening of May 5, the Moon will pass through its perigee position – the point along its elliptical orbit which will bring it closest to Earth. The visual result […]


Use Dropbox To Access Your Camera Manual (And Other Stuff) At All Times

While we’ve all had fun trying to coax decent photos out of our tiny smartphone cameras, the best photography tool on your smartphone may not be the camera. They say the best camera is the one that is with you. But a smartphone is capable of doing much more than taking grainy Instagram photos. So […]


High Speed Photography With Your Flash

If you’re looking for a photographic challenge to spice up the new year, you might consider high speed photography. When you hear the words “high speed”, the first knob you might reach for is the shutter speed. Unfortunately, as you will soon find out, this knob is virtually useless. While a shutter speed of 1/8000 […]


How to Use A Gray Card on Mars: The Curious Case of the New Mars Rover

Did you see the see the launch for that new camera.  You know.  The one with the 2 megapixel sensor … that runs on radioactive decay … and takes landscape photos … of Mars. This new camera was launched (literally) on November 26 and is currently nested in the nosecone of a rocket hurtling towards […]


Five Reasons You May Soon Be Shooting at ISO 50,000

You’ve got your subject in the viewfinder and the frame is composed.  As you press the shutter button, a suprisingly complex process ensues. First, light energy which spent its last eight minutes traveling from the Sun hits its Earthly target and reflects into your lens.  Then photons channel their way through the glass and smack […]